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Catherine Scott Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
1st Grade


University of Mississippi, Desoto Campus, Southaven, Mississippi                                                            

B.A. Elementary Education, May 2012- 2014


East Tate Elementary School, Coldwater, Mississippi

            First Grade Tutor, Ameri Corps-America Reads Mississippi, August 2011-2012

Hope Sullivan Elementary School, Southaven, Mississippi

            First Grade Teacher Assistant, 2012-2014

Hope Sullivan Elementary School, Southaven, Mississippi

           First Year Teacher, 2014-2015



I was born in London, England, and grew up internationally.  My father was a mechanical engineering teacher.  I am the only child of my parents and therefore it made it easier for us to travel.  We lived in McKenzie, Guyana; Hereford in England on the border of Wales; Toronto, Canada;  Liberia, West Africa; High Wycombe, England; Canberra, ACT, Australia; Sydney, NSW, Australia; and Adelaide, South Australia.  Then I met and married my husband in Goroka, Papua New Guinea and we lived in several places there also.  When my mother was dying of cancer we moved to Glenrothes, Scotland, to take care of her for three years.

 In 2006 we moved to the USA to live and take care of my husband’s parents as they were both dying from Alzheimers.  A year later they both died and we moved to a Children’s home in Morrilton Arkansas.  Then a the subsequent year we moved to Pecos, Texas, where my husband helped a congregation that had sponsored us in our ministry in Papua New Guinea.  We were there eighteen months before moving here in November 2009.

I had an absolutely fantastic childhood with incredible experiences in different cultures.  My world travels and experiences, as you can see, continued into my adult life.  I have already lived a lifetime of adventure.  At the age of seventeen, I left school after finishing grade eleven. After completing a further 3 years in a vocational training program, I left Australia and married my husband Andy.  I was a stay at home mum (mom) on the mission field in Papua New Guinea.  I also had the privilege of homeschooling my three daughters.  When we moved permanently back to the States I found I could not do anything without a high school diploma or a college degree.  So I went back to school at Northwest Community College and started by getting my high school GED.  I had taught a lot of literacy in Papua New Guinea as many students came to our Bible school from villages that had been involved in tribal fighting for years.  The government withdraws its services, such as schools, in an effort to stop the fighting.  We had many adult students that came to our Bible school and they did not have any more than a first or second grade education.  Therefore, I have a great interest in teaching.  I decided I needed a degree in Elementary Education, and so my life of adventure continues!