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Hope Sullivan Singers  

Thanksgiving Concert- Friday Nov. 17 at 1:30


Singers need to wear their t-shirt for the concert.  I realize that tomorrow is Pajama Day, however, if your student chooses to wear pajamas, please send some jeans or pants for them to wear for our concert! We don't want to perform our Thanksgiving concert in our pj's! :)




-Dianna Burt-

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Music Fundraiser Results  

Last week, we raised $184.50 through our music program fundraiser!  Thank you to everyone who contributed! We are going to wait until our other fundraisers are complete before making any purchases for the music room. 

Our next program fundraiser will be December 7!  Students can pay $1 to see the 2nd grade show! All money will be used to purchase instruments/materials for the music classroom/ stage.


Thank you again for your contribution to the Hope Sullivan Music Department!

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Hope Sullivan Singers  

The Hope Sullivan Singers need to wear their t-shirts Friday (Nov. 17) for our Thanksgiving concert at 1:30! Parents and friends are welcome to join us! :)

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1st Grade Veterans Day Program  

1st Grade Veterans Day Program

Friday November 10, 2017

Group A- 9:00

Group B- 10:00


Our stage is very patriotic for our Veterans Day program! It is entirely decorated with the art work that our students made during their weekly art class! Mrs. Jones has done a fabulous job with these patriotic crafts!


We hope you can come see the show!

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Music Fundraiser Performances- THURSDAY!   

Hello Hope Sullivan!


So each time our students put on a show, I always let them have a "practice performance" in front of a student audience the day before they perform for their parents.  For the past two years, we have used these "practice performances" as fundraisers for the music department.  The money has helped us to by xylophones, glockenspiels, metallaphones, percussion instruments, music books, and other materials for the music classroom. 


We are about to have one of these fundraiser this Thursday, November 7! The 1st grade students will be performing, so the kindergarten and 2nd grade students can bring $1 to see the 1st grade "practice performance" on Thursday.  If you are able to donate a dollar to the music department on Thursday, that money is used to buy musical instruments and materials to further your child's education in music class.  I hope that everyone is able to participate!


So please send $1 on Thursday for our first music program fundraiser of the year!




-Dianna Burt-

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1st Grade- Veterans Day Program   

Just a reminder that the Veterans Day program is this Friday!


Group A (Hood, Oakley, Parrish, Crum) will peform at 9:00 and Group B (Hine, J. Scott, C. Scott, Sommerfeld) will perform at 10:00.  We hope that you can join us for this program honoring our veterans! If you know a veteran, please invite them!


Also, if your child is in the Hope Sullivan Singers, they will be singing the National Anthem at the beginning of both programs. 


All of the songs are available to listen to under the "music files" link.  If you have any questions, just email me! Hope to see you Friday!



Dianna Burt

HSES Music Teacher

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Hope Sullivan Singers- t-shirts  

Hope Sullivan Singer t-shirt money and order forms are due by Friday, October 20.  All members of the choir need this shirt for our performances.

Hope Sullivan Singers- Forms  

To the Parents of the Hope Sullivan Singers,


This is just a reminder that I need the "Behavior Contract" signed and returned ASAP.  Thank you to those of you who have already turned those in! If you need another one, just send me an email or message me through Class Dojo!


Also, the t-shirt order forms and money are due by October 20 (next Friday).  Every member of the choir needs this shirt, becuase we wear it at all of our performances.  If you need another order form, let me know and I will get one to you!


Dianna Burt

1st Grade- Veterans Day Program  

1st Grade students can listen to their songs for the Veterans day program at home.  Simply click on the "Music Files" link and find the Veterans Day songs to download.  Students are highly encouraged to listen to these songs outside of music class since I only see them once a week! Most of our 1st grade teachers allow the kids to listen to the songs during the school week.  If your child needs extra practice, I would definitely encourage them to listen to these songs at home, as well.



Dianna Burt

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2nd Grade- Hope Sullivan Singers  

To the Parents of the Hope Sullivan Singers:


A note will be coming home in your child's practice folder on Wednesday Sept. 13 that has all of our important dates for the year.  I also sent this as an attachment through our Class Dojo group.  You can also find it under the "forms" link if you happen to misplace it. 

Please mark these dates on your calendar! :)



Dianna Burt

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2nd Grade- HSS Audition Results  

Congratulations to the new members of the 2017-2018 Hope Sullivan Singers!  If your child is listed below, I sent a practice folder home last week.  Please check that folder for instructions on how to join my Class Dojo group for Hope Sullivan Singers.  I will use that app to send reminders about upcoming events and to communicate with you if you have any questions.  We have many wonderful things planned for this year, so that app will be very useful for you to stay updated. :)


Hurdle's Class

-Caiden Sanders, Mckenzie Holland, Axel Martinez, Nathan Maxey JR., Jalen McClendon

McCullar's Class

-Leslie Herrera, Amir Coggins, Poppi Heun, Eris Vickery

Richardson's Class

-Megan Collom, Pasyn Gross, Malique Guy, Ca'Myra Matthews, Antraveon Burton

Hamm's Class

-Caitlyn Richardson, Emily Ledesma, Emma Medlin

Parrish's Class

-Mara Smith, Karmen Johnson, Ashari Willingham, Canaan Walton, Caleb Williams

Schrimsher's Class

-Katelyn Cox, Kennedy Lee, Tyler Upchurch, Kristen Cook, Peyton Bostick, Brianna Peterson, Jewels Jones, Kevin Cisneros, Robert Reid

Stephens's Class

-Gunner Kirkman, Anijah Hunt, Keenan Bell, Kiersten Smith

Demers's Class

-Salise Lyons, Ja'Mesha Johnson, Zoey Jackson, Gisell Aguilar, Grace Calvert

Boucher's Class

-Raniya Hill, Kaylee Proll, Alayna Farris, Tarajhi Quinn, Kyla Copeland, Azaria Deshay


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2nd Grade-HSS Audition Results TBA  

2nd Grade Parents,


The auditions for the Hope Sullivan Singers ended yesterday.  I heard so many great auditions, and now I have the task of narrowing it down to a group of approximately 35 students. 

I will be making my decision before next Friday, September 1.  I will post the names on the website and will send notes home to those students who made it. 


If your child does not make it, please do not get discouraged!  Hope Sullivan Singers is simply an extra musical activity. They will still get to be part of our wonderful 2nd grade Christmas program, which I will be sending home information about soon!

Please direct all questions to me by email at dianna.burt@dcsms.org. Thank you and have a great week!



Dianna Burt

HSES Music Teacher

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1st Grade- Veterans Day Program  

1st grade students will begin rehearsing for their Veterans Day program during music class next week.  A note with information about these programs will be going home with all 1st grade students this week.  This same note can be found under the "forms" link. 


Group A- Hood, Cater-Parrish, Oakley, Crum

Group B- Hine, C. Scott, J. Scott, Sommerfeld


Both groups will perform on Friday November 10 in the Hope Sullivan cafeteria.  Group A will perform at 9:00 a.m. and Group B will perform at 10:00.  


If your students have veterans in their family, please invite them to this program so that we can honor them! 


Direct all questions to me at dianna.burt@dcsms.org.


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2nd Grade- HSS Auditions  

If your child is in 2nd grade and would like to try out for the Hope Sullivan Singers, the auditions are next week ( August 14-18) during their music class. Students who wish to try out must have their signed permission slip.  If you need another permission slip, you can find in under the "Forms" link. 


Make- up auditions will be Monday August 21 from 2:20-2:40 and Tuesday August 22 from 2:20-2:40.  August 22 will be the VERY LAST DAY for auditions.


For more information about Hope Sullivan Singers, please look at the permission slip under the "Forms" link.  If you have any other questions, you can email me at dianna.burt@dcsms.org.



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Music Class  

Hello Hope Sullivan families!


My name is Dianna Burt, and I am the music teacher here at Hope Sullivan!


Music classes begin on Monday, August 7! Your child will come to my class once a week for 45 minutes. During that time we will sing, dance, play instruments, and practice for our upcoming programs! More information on those programs will be coming home soon!


If you have any questions or want to be involved with the music program at Hope Sullivan, you can email me at dianna.burt@dcsms.org.


I am so looking forward to a great school year! :)

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