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Weekly Standards

November 26th-30th   
Activity Date: 11/23/2018


  • 2.OA.1- Use addition and subtraction within 100 to solve one and two step word problems.

ELA: Unit 4 Week 3 Making Inferences

Focus Book- Chester's Way

-Hearing and discussing a story

-Answer questions to answer key details and important ideas

-Use examples from the story to support thinking

-Make inferences about characters

-Discuss characters feelings and points of view

Being A Writer: Unit 7 Week 1 Opinion Writing 

-Give reasons to support opinions

-Generate opinions

Vocabulary Words Week 14

1. miniature- very small

2. rarely- not often or hardly ever

3. duplicate- copy

4. disguise- something that changes or hides how you look 

November 12th-16th   
Activity Date: 11/11/2018


  • 2.NBT.6- Add up to four two-digit numbers using differente strategies.


ELA: History of Thansksgiving


Being A Writer:

  • Practice proofreading
  • Proofread draft letters
  • Write final versions of friendly draft letters
  • Address an envelope