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Weekly Standards

August 20th-24th   
Activity Date: 8/16/2018


  • 2.OA.2: Add and Subtract within 20
  • 2.OA.3: Odd and Even
  • 2.NBT.5: Add and Subtract within 100
  • 2.NBT.9: Explain why strategies work


ELA: Unit 1 Week 2 Reading Community

Focus Book: Shelia Rae, the Brave

  • Learn turn and talk procedures
  • Hearing and discussing a story
  • Reread again to build comprehension
  • Discuss the characters feelings and point of view
  • Learn IDR procedures
  • Make text-to-self connections


Being A Writer: Unit 1 Week 2 Writing Community

  • Draw sketches of the school
  • Write a story about one sketch 
  • Draw to generate ideas ideas for a family story
  • Write a story from drawings


Vocabulary Words:

1. fearless: brave or feeling no fear

2. fearful: afraid or filled with fear

3. familiar: well known to you; easy to recognize

4. convince: make someone believe something or decide to do something

August 13th-17th  
Activity Date: 8/10/2018


2.OA.1- Word problems within 20

2.OA.2- Add/Subtract within 20

2.NBT.5- Adding/Subtracting within 100 using Place Value


ELA: Unit 1 Week 1 Reading Community

Focus Books "McDuff Moves In and The Library"


-Hearing and dscussing a story

-Answering questions about key details

-Reread again to build comprehension

-Discuss the characters feelings and point and view

-Make text-to-self connections


Being A Writer: Unit 1 Week 1 Writing Community


-Contribute to a shared story

-Draw a picture and write a story about it

-Draw and write about a place you would like to go