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Class updates

Class updates  
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Welcome to second semester...

We have had a great first semester. I have seen a lot of growth in my students. For those who have not grown as much as we had hoped for, I will be contacting you for an IEP meeting.


Students are eligible for Special Education services for three years. At about 2.5 years, we start gathering data to determine if a child continues to be eligible for services. We have to meet before the three years are up in order for special education services to continue. You will be contacted in order to set up this meeting.


It is getting close to Spring IEP season, I will be contacting you to determine if your child qualifies for Extended school year and to prepare your child's IEP for school next year.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. You can write a note, email (, call the school (393-2919) or text me to call you (662-403-0865).