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Rules and Behavior

Rules and Behavior  

Mrs. Blalock’s Kindergarten Class

Rules and Behavior

Classroom Rules

1.    Take care of yourself.

2.   Show kindness to others.

3.   Take care of our school.

4.   Listen and follow all directions.

5.   Do your best. 



  • The student will get a reminder about which rules are being broken.
  • The student will participate in a student/teacher conference about the undesirable behaviors.
  • The student will lose fun time (special activities, talking time at lunch, free play , etc.).
  • The student will lose the privilege to sit with the rest of the class. 
  • The student's parents will be contacted by note or phone.
  • The student will go to the principal’s office.


Warm Fuzzies Jar

I want to encourage my students to follow all of our rules. Everyone is happy when we all do the right thing. By being good citizens and doing their best at school, the students can earn the privilege to add a warm fuzzy to our class jar. When the jar is full, the whole class earns a special treat. Please encourage your child to work toward this goal.