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Hollye Olswanger Staff Photo

Sight Words 

These are words listed on the Word Wall. They are read, spelled, and read again. Students will use these words in writing. 

1st nine weeks: 

red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, brown, black, pink, white, gray, name, a , I , the, to, my, like, see, can


2nd nine weeks:

love, with, likes, play, you, me, and, we, on, is, yes, are, no, isn't, he, she, get, can't, under, was, wasn't, like, go, down, saw, where, here, by


3rd nine weeks:

they, little, put, what, do, have, home, said, her, of, out, some, come, make, say, says, be, look, there, over, want, water, from, for, find, people, again, many, your, very


4th nine weeks:

this, our, went, then, were, could, would, should, one, two, both, good, does, other, woman, women, every, around, toward, their, children, heard, live, give, zero, three, four, five, came, went