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Student Expectations:

1. Take care of yourself.

     *Use all supplies the correct way.

     *Always walk in the school.

     *Listen to your teacher's directions.   

2. Take care of your classmates and teachers.

     *Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself. 

     *Use kind words. 

3. Take care of our school.

     *Use all supplies the correct way.

     *Clean up after yourself.

4. Listen and follow all directions from your teachers.

5. Do your best. 



Warm Fuzzies

When we show each other kindness, we feel warm and fuzzy inside! By being helpful classmates and doing their best at school, the students can earn Warm Fuzzies for our class jar. When the jar is full, the whole class earns a special treat.

Hope Sullivan Integrity Store

By showing integrity, students can earn coins to shop with at our Integrity Store. 



The student will...

*be reminded about which rules are being broken

*participate in a student/teacher conference about the undesirable behaviors

*lose fun time (special activities, talking time at lunch, free play at recess time, etc.)

*lose the privilege to sit with the rest of the class

*have a parent/guardian contacted by note or phone 

*go to the principal’s office