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Welcome to Our Class Page 

We will be conducting several drills throughout the next few weeks!

Our newsletter each week is in the Important Documents section!  Please read each week!!!


**A student MUST attend 63% of the school day in order to be COUNTED PRESENT!

Instructional Day


HB 1530 is an act to amend section 37-13-91, Mississippi code of 1972, to provide that a compulsory-school-age child who is absent more than 37% of the instructional day must be considered absent the entire day. Therefore, for the purposes of determining and reporting attendance, a pupil must be present for at least sixty-three percent (63%) of the instructional day to be considered present the entire school day.



The instructional day is therefore defined as a school day in which both teachers and pupils are in regular attendance for scheduled classroom instruction for not less than sixty-three percent (63%) of the required instructional time, as fixed by the local school board for each school in the school district. The school board will review and approve the instructional time for each school in the school district annually prior to the beginning of the school year.