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This Week 

Weekly: May 7th-May 23rd

Numbers of the Week: 10-20 (counting and writing)

Words we are learning or have learned: red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, brown, white, black, pink, gray, I, see, can, like, a, the, me, you, we, are, is, she, he, with, went, get, to, no, yes, down, go, my, where, by, here, saw, likes, love, play, it, on, and, are, name, they, little, was, put, what, do, said, in, read, and, any, or, have, at, am, an, will, of, many, be, up, big, look


Shape of the week: 3D shapes- cube, cone, cylinder, sphere


*Remember to read every day and review sight words!*


In ELA (reading), we have learned the parts of a book: front cover, back cover, spine and talked about the author and illustrator. Remember to read at home daily.  While reading, student's should be pointing at each word they read to better understand sentence structure. This helps students from adding extra words into sentences and keeps them focused on what they are reading.  Also, ask questions about the book and encourage your child to ask YOU questions about the book. We have been learned about retelling a story.  When retelling a story, you must include the beginning, middle, and end. On Tuesdays, your RED folder comes home. These are due back Fridays. Pleas sign the book log and return the book :) 



In Math, we will work with the numbers 0-20.  Our new skill this week is using base ten blocks to count numbers.  For example: to make the number 12, we use 1 rod(tens) and 2 units(ones) to create the number 12.

We will practice counting skills.  This includes rote counting (which is counting from memory 0-100), one-to-one correspondence (which is counting objects 0-20), and creating sets (which is counting out a certain number of objects and putting them together 0-20).  We have also learned to recognize numbers 0-15 and write them.  We are also practicing skip counting.  Practice counting by tens to 100. Students will also be working on recognizing shapes such as circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond/rhombus, oval and hexagon and 3D shapes: cylinder, sphere, cube, cone. We have learned to add! Right now we are only adding within 10 (examples: 2 friends went to the park, 2 more friends joined them.  How many friends are at the park all together? There are 4 friends at the park!; 2+2=4).  We will begin working on subtraction within 10, as well!


Our newest math skill is decomposing and composing numbers to find the missing addend.  For example:  4+__=5 or 7+__=10.



In writing, students should be able to write both upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet along with numerals 0-20.  

We have learned that names always start with a capital letter with all other letters lowercase.  

We have learned about sentence structure. Sentences start with a capital letter, we use finger spaces between words, and they end with a period.

Students are practicing sounding out words and "spelling" them the best they can.  Students will be misspelling words! That is normal.  If they can get the beginning sound, middle, and ending sound down, they are doing great!! However, any sight words we have learned, students are encouraged to spell correctly.



Additional information: We have learned about syllables and rhyming. Practice this at home. Many students are still struggling with this.



At home: Please practice writing these capital and lowercase letters. Practice counting to 100 by tens and ones, and identifying/writing numbers 0-15.  If you already know your letters and sounds, continue to review them and please work on learning your sight words. Thank you for your support at home! Remember to Read Every Day (RED folder)! Practicing adding and subtracting within 10!