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Behavior Contract 

Dear Parents,

I am so excited about the upcoming school year. It is going to be fabulous! I want to take this time to let you know about some exciting things that went on over in the summer. Our staff had the opportunity to go to a conference called Capturing Kids’ Hearts. It was so exciting and life changing as a teacher. Our school is implementing a new behavior plan that is school wide.   This behavior plan begins with a social contract that the students get to help implement by making it their own. They get to be a part of helping our classroom community decide on how we should show integrity in the classroom and in our school. What is so exciting about this social contract is that the staff at Hope Sullivan has already made a social contract for the staff and now we are bringing it into the classroom and letting the students have part in making one of their own. This is how the social contract is implemented:

First, the students and I will make a social contract that will be posted in the classroom all year. This is not a set of rules that the teacher gives the students. This is a contract that the students will help make by sharing what integrity is and how we should treat others and how they want to be treated. After the social contract is formed, when a student breaks the contract, the teacher will implement a series of questions that helps the student to think about their behavior and allows them to initiate the correction of their behavior before they get a consequence. Here are the following questions that will be asked by the teacher if a student breaks the contract:

1.     What are you doing? This allows the student to admit what they are doing wrong.

2.     What are you supposed to be doing? This gives the student an opportunity to tell whether or not they know exactly what they are supposed to be doing and they can get back on task.

3.     Are you doing it? This gives the student an opportunity to realize that they are making an inappropriate choice.

4.     What are you going to do about it? This gives the student the opportunity to correct their behavior and tell what they are going to do to correct it.



If the student is disrespectful to the teacher or another student, these questions will be asked:

1.     How are you talking to me/him/her? This gives the student the opportunity to think how they responded to another person with their words.

2.     How are you supposed to be talking to me/him/her?   This gives the student the opportunity to say how they are going to correct their attitude.

3.     Were you doing it? This gives the student an opportunity to realize that they are making an inappropriate choice.

4.     So how are you going to talk to me /him/her? This gives the student the opportunity to show how he/she should be respectful when speaking.

If the students answer these questions correctly and they get back on task, they will not have to have a consequence. If the student doesn’t answer the questions correctly, the teacher will ask the following question:

1.     What is going to happen if you break our social contract again? At this point the student will have to go to consequence number one.

Here is a list of the consequences:

Had Conference with Student                  Changed Student’s Seat

Telephoned Parent                                     Consulted Counselor

Time -out in Classroom                             Teacher Requests Conference with Parent

Recess Time-Out/ Silent Lunch                 Time-Out with another Teacher

I know that this behavior plan will help to ensure that each student is treated respectfully and it will help keep your child safe.

Thank you,

First Grade Teachers

Please sign and return stating that you received and have read the behavior plan.


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