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Erin Brown Staff Photo

Mrs. Brown`s Friendly Frogs! 

Welcome to Mrs. Brown’s Friendly Frogs!

Teacher: Mrs. Brown

Assistant: Ms. Massie




Please take a few minutes to take our Comprehensive Needs Assessment Parent Survey by going to this link:


 In order to navigate this site, click the blue links at the top of the page!



*Students must attend school 63% of the day to be counted present.  The attendance program starts now!

*We eat lunch at 12pm. Feel free to join us and eat with your child.

*Please check your child's folder every night.  For each day your child follows the rules, he/she will have a sticker in their folder.  Please initial this chart daily.

*Students should bring a small, dry snack each day. You may also bring water.

*In order for our Kindergarten students to pass to First Grade, they must be reading independently on a Level C and master 70 percent of the math and literacy standards.

*If you have any questions of concerns, feel free to contact me by writing a note and placing it in your child's folder, emailing me at, or calling the office at (662)393-2919.

*We will have P.E. class every Thursday, please wear tennis shoes and no dresses.

*We are collecting Box Tops for the school. Please send in your box tops in order to help the school earn extra money!







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