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 *updated May 17, 2019

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Ms. Whittington's Kindergarten

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 Teacher: Ms. Whittington

Assistant: Mrs. Jackson


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               Reading: Main Characters, Events

Retelling key details when hearing a book read aloud (fiction and nonfiction)

               Foundational Skills: Rhyming Words, Syllables

Phonics: sneaky/silent e

               Math: Subtraction Word Problems

               Writing: Informational Writing

               Science/Social Studies: Plants

               Social Skills: Taking Care of the Planet

               Color Words: all colors

               Letter of the Week: all Letters

              Sight Words: a, I, can, red, yellow, the, like, see, and, you, me, said, we, go, is, up, for, look, he, she, they, are, was, to, on, do, that, here, in, will, good, get, ride, likes, away, big, come, down, with, into, ran, not, are, help, find, jump, make, where, went, did, ate, that, under, this, saw, eat, pretty, please, out, new, must, be, but, by

NEW WORDS: have, they, came



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 "Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."

Mark Twain



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Check the Announcements Tab at the top of the page!




School phone: (662) 393-2919


Conferencing Times: Monday - Thursday


  P.M. -  1:30-2:00


 Please schedule all conferences through the office.




 Promotion to 1st Grade

*Kindergarten students may read on an independent level C.

*Kindergarten students must master at least 70% of Math skills on the report card.

*Kindergarten students must master at least 70% of ELA skills on the report card.