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May 11th-15th

This week let's talk about internet safety.....

Below is a series of videos that discuss internet safety.

Some great tips that I have found are:

Keep the computer out of your child's bedroom or any other unsupervised area.

Do not install a web-cam.

Instruct child to never arrange to meet face to face.

Utilize parent controls or blocking software.

Talk to your child about potential online dangers.

Check your computer's internet history frequently.

Set household rules.


I know a lot of parent's have expressed that after a certain time at night tablets, computer, laptops, phones and or gaming systems are turned into the parents room. 

These are just a few ideas that I've heard of but I know there's ton of information concerning internet safety, rules, and boundaries. We all enjoy our internet freedom and all the wonderful things it has to off but setting the boundaries of internet safety is only in the best interest of your children.


Another resource is:


They have great tips and resources for parents to use. 


May 4th-8th


This week in honor of

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let's talk about Kindness.


I know that most Mom's work really hard at a million different things but one of their top priorities is to teach their children to be kind.


Today I encourage you to go watch this video and discuss ways that you can show each other kindness at home.



\Light Up The World With Kindness Clipart




Being Kind Day 2


I hope you had the opportunity to watch yesterday's youtube video and to discuss ways to be kind at home.


If I were at school having this discussion with your children I would tell them that being kind is a choice and something that we have to work at doing even when we may not always want to be kind. We might then discuss times when we have to choose to be kind even when it's not easy.

We might make a list of ways to remind ourselves to be kind always. Today I encourage you to have this discussion with your children. Let them know this is something that adults even have to work at.


Day 3..... ways to show kindness to others

Another topic that we might discuss is showing kindness in the world around us. We might discuss how to stay safe but show kindness to strangers. We would also discuss various people and ways to show kindness for example.....saying thank you to the cafeteria workers, to Mr. Jeremy and Mrs. Ruby who work hard to keep our school clean and safe, to tell a classmate good job or to encourage them to try again, to show our teachers respect by listening and obeying, to reminding a friend to make good choices, to reaching out and being a friend to a new student....etc. 

Today I encourage you to make a list of people that you can show kindness too. And remember kindness is a choice that we have to choose to make.

Thoughts and Quotes - North Nodaway R-VI Library Media Centers








I hope this weekend that you get out and enjoy this amazing weather. I encourage to continue to focus on self care by taking a walk, going on a picnic, working in the yard, or even just watching the birds and clouds. Whatever you choose to do I encourage you do something that helps you focus on taking care of yourself. 


This week I planned to discuss self care!

During this unique time it's important to do a self check. Are you getting enough sleep, eating healthy, getting a little exercise, or doing some healthy choices that helps you take care of self? I know this time can be unique, trying to be a care giver, teacher, working from home, etc is difficult but remember you are doing an amazing job!


Click the link below as Elmo's dad encourages you!





I hope that you enjoyed the topic conversations yesterday.

Today I’m encouraging you to do a complete interview with your children. Ask them questions and spend a little time getting to know them and let their voices be heard. Below is an example that I found online. This would be great if your family is creating a time capsule for this unique time.