Happy Tuesday!

I apologize that I didn’t post yesterday, I’ve had some issues getting my website to work but I think we figured it out. I hope that you and your family had the opportunity to relax this weekend. My family spent the majority of the weekend enjoy the beautiful weather. We went for walks, sat on the front porch and enjoyed watching the birds as we swung, and then we enjoyed watching several deer walking through the woods. Just being outside and enjoying the nature was a great way to relax and help our minds refocus. I hope whatever you did it was relaxing and a break away from all that’s going on in the world.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what the future would look like when we are able to resume life as we know it. I remember being in college during 9-11 and being so frightened of the unknown and the future. I’ve tried to share these thoughts and events but have never been able to really express what I felt at that point and time. So when I saw the packet that I am going to share for the week of April 6-11, I knew it was something that I wanted to do and wanted to encourage you to do. It’s a “time capsule” of the events that are going on now. It’s a way to work together as a family and a way to journal what’s going on. 

I hope that you will be able to print and use this packet. It's attached below in a word document. If not I hope that you will use something to document and work through your thoughts, fears, and emotions during this unique time. Of course I am always here to help if you need anything, don’t hesitate to reach me through my school email.


Mrs. Clay

Happy Thursday

Today is April 2nd and it’s also World Autism Awareness Day. I encourage you to wear blue in honor of our friends!


Today let’s title “Thankful Thursday”! What are you thankful for? Today I encourage you, to encourage your children to write a gratitude journal. Sometimes we all need to spend a little time changing our focus from what’s going on, to what we are thankful for. Below are a few topics and ideas to help get your children started.


 I also heard that it’s national peanut butter and jelly day! That sounds like an easy dinner idea to me! Enjoy your day and as always let me know if there is anything I can help you with!

Mrs. Clay


If you get the opportunity send her a birthday message letting her know how amazing she is!


Happy April 1st

Wow! Can you believe today is the first day of April? Most of my life I’ve heard “April showers brings May flowers”. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about that saying. I’ve thought about how we have to go through the gloomy days to embrace the beautiful days.  I know for many people life has been gloomy recently. Life has changed from going, going, going, going to stay home and stay safe. While it’s easy to look at these days as gloomy, I encourage you to look at the beauty of these days. What’s good about these days? What’s different? Have you embraced these changes? What about your children? Have you noticed them embracing these changes? I’ve noticed my family has enjoyed this time at home by cooking together and we’ve embrace playing games. I may have kicked the socks off my family in dominoes this weekend. During the middle of the game I went to get a glass of water and thought about how we would normally be doing a million different things but we were together enjoy each other and embracing this down time.  Today I encourage you to turn off the news, stop worrying about the million different things that are going on and do something together as a family.

A few suggestions of things to do today:

Read with your child

Cook with your child

Start a garden or work in the flower beds

Enjoy a walk or nature walk

Make and create something together

Sing and dance

Play a game or put a puzzle together

Snuggle together and watch a fun family movie

Above all enjoy your time together.

Remember that all these showers will bring those beautiful flowers. As always if you need anything don’t hesitate to reach me through my email. Give your sweet kiddos a hug from their Hope Sullivan Family!


 Mrs. Clay

Happy Tuesday


It’s the last day of March and we are still adjusting to all the changes that are going on right now. We’ve tried to embrace the warmer Spring weather but today is rainy and cold so I started to think about what I’m looking forward to this summer. I think a zoo visit is in order for sure. So today I’m going to embrace this unique opportunity and make it a “ZOO” day at home. Please join me on this fun adventure. First let’s visit the Cincinnati Zoo, then let’s do a seven minute workout to help regulate our minds and hearts, and finally you can print off the Zoo I Spy and see what animals you can find. I’ve found a  few other resources that you can use to help make it an adventure, one is associated with the book “Good Night, Gorilla” As always let me know if there is anything I can do to help you or your children during this unique time.


Mrs. Clay


Happy Monday


Wow! Can you believe that it's almost April? If you are like my family we are still trying to figure out this new normal. We are working on creating routines and learning to embrace this time. This weekend we discussed what Easter will look like this year and even started to come up with ways to respect CDC's guidelines but still have somewhat of a tradition. A friend sent me this link this morning and I thought it's a great idea to share with you. While my triplets are still to young (almost 7 months) to do this, I encourage you to share this idea with friends, family, and neighbors. This would be something fun to do as a new tradition and still stay safe with the CDC's guidelines.


Below, you will find the Worry Warriors Video #3, if you haven't had a chance to watch the other videos please scroll down on this page to find the links. As always I am only a short email away if you need anything.  

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Today is a beautiful day outside, join me on an outdoor scavenger hunt around your neighborhood. Below you will find a document that you can download and print if you want specific ideas to look for.  Just remember to stay within the CDC's guidelines. Let me know what fun adventures and items you find.

I am here to help your family and children.

Love and miss you all,

Mrs. Clay  


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Spring 2020 Counseling Ideas

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My name is Amber Smith Clay and I am your counselor at Hope Sullivan. I've worked at HSES since 2005 and have loved working with the families of Hope Sullivan. Your children bring such a joy to my day. They are such a joy to watch grow and change during their time at Hope Sullivan.


On a personal note my husband Jonathon and I were blessed with triplets in September of 2019. We've loved growing in our new rolls of parents and have loved spoiling our sweet crew. We also love working within our community and with the children of Desoto County. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your children's lives.


 Please let me know if there is any way that I can help you to make this year successful.