Diana Thompson

1st Grade


Welcome to Our Class!

Welcome to first grade! I am so excited to be teaching first grade at Hope Sullivan Elementary School. Whether your child is learning in person or participating in distance learning, we are striving to make it a year of learning and fun. 





About the Teacher

Education and Experience: I have a bachelor's degree in Special Education of the Hearing Impaired and I have a few graduate hours in Vision Impairment.



Certification(s):I'm certified to teach Elementary Education K-6, Mild and Moderate Disabilities K-12, and Hearing Impaired K-12.



Personal Info:I am married and have a large family. I have lived in the local area since 2007. When I'm not teaching, I enjoy camping, traveling, and relaxing at home with a good book. My guilty pleasure is binge watching historical dramas and crime dramas with our dogs on my lap.

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